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Advanced Topics Symposium

Advanced Topics in Healthcare Delivery 2014: Ensuring a Viable Practice Using Patient-Centered Approaches

Sheraton Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City NJ

Thursday, June 12, 2014

As physician practices, hospitals, community health centers, and other healthcare entities seek to navigate the ever-changing and dynamically challenging health care environment, it is becoming increasingly critical to develop, implement and monitor processes, techniques, communications and tools to help ensure your practice remains prosperous and viable.

The New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians is hosting its second annual one-day symposium designed to provide attendees with access to experts, resources and best practices to assist in key functional areas vital in driving practice success, including teach back technique and motivational interviewing, integrating additional disciplines into primary care practice, using Medicare Transition Codes, implementing shared decision tools into practice, conducing behavior change readiness assessments, and utilizing electronic communications with patients and external providers. As organizations strive to meet the demands of a patient-centered model and cultivate a patient-centered community, it is paramount that those leading the charge have the resources and access to best practices to assist in the necessary transformational activities - this one-day symposium provides this opportunity.

Announcing the NJAFP Patient-Centered Innovation Awards

Since 2009, NJAFP has worked with physicians, providers, and healthcare teams to develop innovative approaches to patient-centered care. To highlight practice achievements, NJAFP wants to recognize practices through the Patient-Centered Innovation Award. This unique award program provides an opportunity for practice teams to showcase innovations they have designed and implemented that positively impact approaches to patient-centered care. The Patient-Centered Innovation Award is designed to recognize and acknowledge practices and care teams, their innovative programs and projects, and their commitment to excellence in patient care through innovation.

Call for Awards

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