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Part of the mission of the NJAFP Foundation is to enhance health care delivery to the people of New Jersey. Support from NJAFP members, other physician specialists, corporations and charitable foundations enable the Foundation to continue fulfilling its mission. Corporate Advisory Council members have the first opportunity to provide support to these programs

Friends of Baby Sophie - Sophia Teresa Abbott was born on May 21, 2007 with Gastorschis. After multiple surgeries, Sophie is now at Georgetown University Hospital awaiting a transplant of the Liver and Small Intestine. The NJAFP/F has adopted "Baby Sophie" in the hope of both providing a conduit for friends to donate on a tax-deductible* basis to assist with Sophie's massive expenses, as well as in an effort to rasie awareness of the financial strain that our fractured health system places on those families facing serious and long-term illness. More info on Baby Sophie can be found at her website - Donations can be made through the link at the bottom of this page.

Student Scholarships for National Conference in Kansas City. Students interested in one of these $750 scholarships should download the Application and be prepared to attend the April NJAFP Foundation Trustees meeting.

Hearts for Honduras - Provides scholarships which would allow to up to 4 PGY-3 members of the NJAFP to travel to Honduras for one week and provide medical care throughout the Copan region of Honduras.

Preceptor Program - Enables medical students to work with a family physician for four weeks during the summer creating the opportunity for them to experience the daily responsibilities and lifestyle of the family physician. The program, designed for students entering their second year of medical school, provides an introduction to family medicine early in their medical career.

Medical Student Entering Family Medicine Scholarship - This scholarship, given to encourage the study of family medicine, is presented to medical students interested in pursuing the specialty and who have a need of financial support.

Minority Medical Student Entering Family Medicine Scholarship - This scholarship, given to encourage the study of family medicine, is presented to minority medical students interested in pursuing the specialty and who have a need of financial support.

Family Medicine Interest Groups (FMIG) Activities - FMIGs exist at each medical school campus: UMDNJ-NJ Medical School, Newark; UMDNJ-RWJ Medical School, New Brunswick; and UMDNJ- RWJ Medical School, Camden. Student FMIG leaders plan workshops, programs, and publications for students interested in family medicine.

AAFP Foundation Matching Grants Program for Family Practice Externship - This grant is designed to stimulate an interest in family practice research. Externs are supported with a stipend for eight weeks, with incidental expense support given to the mentoring physician. The NJAFP/F provides matching grants.

The National Conference - The single best way to attract students and residents to family medicine. Here they have the opportunity to network and become involved with their peers from other medical schools and residency programs from across the country. Workshops, social events and exhibits offer valuable information.

AAFP Foundation Joint Research Awards - NJAFP/F participates in the AAFP/F Joint Research Grant Awards Program by co-funding selected research proposals submitted by physicians from New Jersey to the AAFP/F. Special research projects can be discussed.

Tar Wars - The NJAFP participates in this nation-wide, anti-tobacco campaign. Targeted to fourth and fifth grade students, Tar Wars helps the nation's children learn about the hazards of smoking. Why should you support Tar Wars? Preventing tobacco use, the leading preventable cause of death in the world today, is the most important impact we can make on the future health of our communities.

The NJAFP and the NJAFP/F work in collaboration to support the following initiatives:

Student Membership Dues - Student dues are paid by the NJAFP. Early introduction to the Academy helps students understand the specialty of family practice.

Research Presentations - Medical Students and other recipients of research grants give presentations at the NJAFP Scientific Assembly.

Resident Practice Opportunities Workshop - Practical information to assist the resident in the evaluation and selection of position opportunities.

Summer Celebration and Scientific Assembly - The Summer Celebration and Scientific Assembly is NJAFP's largest CME Conference. Approximately 150 physicians attend each year. This event is designed to provide opportunities for interaction between members and those organizations wishing to reach specialized primary care physicians, ensure high quality learning events, and ensure ample opportunities for networking and fun.

Perspectives: A View of Family Medicine in New Jersey - This is the journal of the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians. The journal features clinical content, as well as information and news that is important to the family physicians of New Jersey. Perspectives is published quarterly and is sent to NJAFP's 1,900 members, as well as legislators and other selected readers with an interest in chapter activities.

*as with all deductions to the NJAFP/F or any charity, donors should consult with their own tax advisor for actual limits of deductibility based on their individual status.

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