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Become an NJAFP Key Legislative Contact

Here is an opportunity to join NJAFP's advocacy team. You can help NJAFP advocate for family medicine and your patients as an NJAFP Key Legislative Contact.

What is a Key Legislative Contact?
A Key Legislative Contact is an NJAFP member who establishes a relationship with a legislator and may be called upon by NJAFP to help educate legislators and policymakers on the issues important to family medicine in New Jersey.

What if I don't know any legislators?
Some key contacts have long-standing relationships with lawmakers - perhaps through their business or because they are members of the same community. Other key contacts are simply fascinated by the legislative process and are interested in establishing these relationships in order to raise awareness of the issues faced by family physicians and their patients.

How much of a time commitment is involved?
Not to worry! It does not take much time at all - but it is very important to all family physicians that your voice is heard in Trenton and throughout the state. You may be called upon to reach out to your legislators when NJAFP is working on a specific bill or issue being currently debated in Trenton.

If you are still asking WHY?
There are issues debated by the State Legislature every day that impact family medicine. You have taken the first step as an advocate by becoming a member of the NJAFP. The next step is to actively use your knowledge and experience as a family physician and combine that with the power of being a constituent in your legislators' district. The result is your ability to help advance issues of interest to you and educate your legislators generally about the realities of running a primary care medical practice in New Jersey so that they know how to address issues that come before them in Trenton.

How do I sign up?
Simply contact NJAFP's Government Affairs Director, Claudine Leone, Esq., at if you need more information or you are ready to join NJAFP's advocacy team as a Key Legislative Contact. Once you have expressed an interest the NJAFP will help match you with your district representatives in the New Jersey State Legislature and send you legislative updates on high priority issues.