Wheel of Misinformation: Myths and Facts on Adult Immunization

Sponsored through a grant from the NJ Department of Health, NJAFP has created a series of patient education videos designed to dispell the myths surrounding vaccines. These short videos are free to download and use in your waiting room or exam room.

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Updates on New Opioid Prescribing and Resources 

The State has created a webpage with all the information you need on the new opioid prescribing laws, as well as links to key resources including a sample one-page pain management agreement and FAQs on the law.

- MACRA Final Rule Announced 


  • NJPMP’s Interstate Data Sharing now covers 12 states, including PA and NY.        
  • Expands patient history searches to two years of patient’s prescription records.
  • Automatically converts dosages of commonly-prescribed opioids of differing potency, such as codeine, fentanyl, and oxycodone, into a standard value known as “morphine milligram equivalents” (MME). 


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Educate Your Patients

Improve Diabetes Care through DSME and DPP 

Evidence shows that diabetes self-management education can lower A1C by teaching patients to better manage food, exercise and medications.  Find your local DPP, DSME and DSMP programs here.  

Protect New Jersey: FREE Vaccine Patient Education Videos!

Click here to download free, short videos designed to dispel the myths surrounding vaccines.

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Healthcare Transformation

CPC+ Support Services

Has your practice been accepted into the CPC+ program and you don't know where to start?  NJAFP experts have served over 60 CPC practices for the past four years and are here to help you succeed with CPC+!  

PCMH Support Services

For more than seven years, NJAFP has provided practice transformation and patient-centered medical home consultation services to more than 1,500 physicians in approximately 1,000 locations across five states, helping align primary care practices to best serve patient needs. 

For more information about our CPC+ or PCMH-related services, call NJAFP at (609) 362-6507 or email HTT@njafp.org.

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Congress Needs the Expertise of Family Physicians

With nearly 125,000 AAFP members, family medicine has the numbers to truly affect policy. Your elected officials need to hear from you.

<i>Health Affairs</i> Raises MACRA Implementation Awareness, Questions

A new health policy brief from Health Affairs takes a deep dive into how implementation of the Quality Payment Program (QPP) is progressing, providing an overview of the rules and regulations associated with QPP implementation and addressing key issues.

Meridian Expands EpiPen Recall to Include U.S.

Meridian Medical Technologies is expanding a voluntary recall of its EpiPen products because of a possible defect in the devices that could result in their failing to activate.

AAFP Lauds VA Stance on Sharing HIV, Sickle Cell Test Results

The Department of Veterans Affairs has issued a new final rule that simplifies the sharing of negative test results for HIV and sickle cell anemia among health care professionals.

Misconceptions About Antibiotics for Children's ARIs Persist

Researchers in Australia explored parents' expectations and experiences using antibiotics for pediatric acute respiratory infections, with findings published in the March/April issue of Annals of Family Medicine.


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